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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're gonna party like it's my birthday!!

Cause it is!! Woohoo!

It was a good day too! Had school this morning and the day would have been better if I could have left that part out, but I can't shirk the responsabilities I guess. And there was a bomb threat on campus today, so at least it wasn't a super boring day ;) On my way home I called my sister and law to see where she and my kids were and they were in town with my mother in law. They were heading to eat, so I went and met them. I had a beer with them, then we headed home. Jimmy got home about the same time and got showered and cleaned up from work, then we headed back to town to eat dinner. We went to a new little sushi bar in town and the sushi was FAB!

So I have gorged myself on shrimp tempura rolls, california rolls, tuna and avacado rolls, and shrimp and salmon sushi. I am full, happy, and feeling very loved on my birthday! So far I've gotten 39 facebook happy birthday's and 10 phone calls/text messages. Plus my mother in law, sister in law, and kiddos got me a delicious red velvet cake! YUMMO!!! This may be a record for the most birthday wishes I've ever gotten on single birthday! Thank you so much to all my wonderful family and friends!

Now I'm watching Nip/Tuck, blogging, and celebrating the fact that I have no homework due tomorrow!!!!


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