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Friday, February 20, 2009

Procrastination at it's finest.

I am a procrastinator. I notoriously put things off until the very last second. In this case, I put off cleaning out my car until we could barely get into in. Toys, clothes, papers, and maybe even a kitchen sink were starting to take over. So today, I decided to embark on the daunting task of cleaning it out. Let me tell you, I wish I hadn't let it get that bad. I have just spent the past 2 hours cleaning said car.

I had 2 Wal-Mart bags full of trash, an entire load of laundry, a Christmas present that was lost before Christmas even came, unused Christmas decorations, several bags of toys, lost shoes, and lots of stuff that I had bought and have since forgotten about. I spent at least an hour going "I forgot I bought that" and "So that's where that has been".

Baxter went with Dad to run some errands, and when he gets back, he may feel like it's Christmas all over. I found stuff the kids haven't seen in months. Izzy has been occupied since I pulled the very 1st load of stuff out.

Of course, now the problem is all the stuff that was in the car is now in my house. So the house needs cleaning.

Oh well, maybe I'll get to that in another couple of months! :)


Ms. HA yes said...

LOVE it!! This is how our "white trash back hall" and a handful of closets in our house are. If you are still feeling inspired, please swing. Love you!

Sara said...

You'll really love this... I found your birthday present in the back of the car in a Target bag! Ooops! Better almost 4 months late than never right? LOL! I packed up your bix of Christmas presents tonight and threw your birthday present in with it :) I am gonna try to make it to the P.O. in the morning and get it mailed off. Love you too!