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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old Friends

It's really nice to finally be hanging out with some old friends. We've been back in MS for almost a year and a half and haven't gotten back into the swing of hanging out with our old friends. We've seen one couple 2 weekends in a row and I just love them. They've got an adorable baby and Baxter and Izzy just mauled him all evening. They were in love with him (or her as Izzy called him all night). :)

We used to have a dinner club with a few couples that we were really good friend with before Jimmy joined the Air Force, and I'm hoping to get that going again. We used to get together every Sunday at someone else's house, but I think I'm going to try for once a month. Everyone is so much busier these days with real jobs and kids and such.

It's just nice to have friends down here again!

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Anonymous said...

We love yall too!!

Dustin, Michelle and Alec