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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Boat is NOT going to turn over!

So, school went well on Thursday. I think I'll easily get back into the swing of things. And much to my amazement (joy) most of the students in my classes are as old (or older, yes!) as I am.

My sister in law is watching the kids while I have classes. She got to the house at 7:45 am on Thursday. The kids were still sleeping, so I gave her the run down. Feed them when they get up, watch TV, play a game, hang out, whatever you want to do. I got home at 11:15 and my daughter had been up about 15 minutes, my son was still sleeping! STILL SLEEPING!!! He slept until 12:30. So why is it that I haven't slept till 11:00 in I don't know when, but the morning I have to get up at 6:15 and leave then with someone else, they sleep all damn day?!?!?!? Interesting question. Maybe it's a conspiracy.

So when my lazy son finally hauled his little tushie out of bed, we loaded up and headed to Mobile. My brother in law and sister in law live down here and Jimmy has been working down here with him for the last 2 weeks. We decided that since we had a long weekend, my sister in law was off on Thursday, and Jimmy was off all weekend, we would come down and have fun. It's a change of pace from staring at the walls in my house all day. They are a lovely shade of green though.

Last night, Jimmy's best friend brought his boat down. Jimmy, brother, best friend, and cousin decided to go out on the boat last night and deep sea fish. They thought it would be a grand idea to make it an overnight trip. So they loaded the boat, got all of their stuff together, and headed out about 8:00. The kids and I planned to meet them at the dock about 8:00am to get on the boat. Well, overnight there were unbelievable thunderstorms. When we got there this morning, I found out that the weather was even worse on the water. There were 12 foot seas and at one point, all the boys put on their life jackets because they thought they were gonna tip. None of them even slept last night at all. YIKES!!!! Now, said best friend is the same friend that was featured in my previous blog post "My Big Fat Redneck Weekend", so it should explain the decision to go boating on the Gulf when there is bad weather rolling in. I think I'll steal a phrase from my best friend Donde and start calling his best friend "bad decision friend". He still has the black eye from last weekend too.

Anyway, the kids and I got there and loaded up on the boat and we went out about 8:30am. It was still cloudy and overcast, but it wasn't raining. We knew there was a line of storms coming, but we knew it would be a few hours before they made there way in. The water was a little choppy, but not too bad. So we get on the boat and we were in the "no wake zone", so they kids were super excited. This was their first trip onto a boat. We saw seagulls, oil rigs, a ferry carrying cars, and other big boats. They were having so much fun. Then we got out of the "no wake zone" and they gave the boat some gas. Then a little more, and a little more, etc... until we were going a normal speed that you would go in a boat, nothing too fast. Then Baxter started getting a little nervous, and started scooting closer and closer to me. Then he was holding my hand, then he was in my lap, then he had his head buried in my bosom. Then I started hearing him say it. "Momma, the boat is gonna sink! It's gonna turn over. It's gonna stop floating! It's gonna sink, I know it's gonna sink" No Baxter. The boat is NOT going to sink. So here is my 4 year old boy fa-reaking out, and then I look over at my tiny 2 year old girl and she is having the time of her life! She was laughing and walking from person to person, and generally enjoying herself. That child has no fear whatsoever. We parked the boat out by an oil rig and everyone jumped into the water. We did manage to get Baxter in for a second, but that quickly turned into crying and complaining about how cold that water was, so it didn't last long. We also saw a few dolphins while we were out! When everyone was back on the boat, we rode around a little longer, and then headed back in because the clouds started looking pretty ominous. Baxter rode in the cabin of the boat on the way back in and he seemed to enjoy himself much more when he had a room and walls surrounding him.

We got back into the dock, got the boat back on the trailer, and the flood gates opened. JUST IN TIME! Lord knows, my child probably would have just died if we had still been on the boat in that storm. We got home and ate some pizza, then we all showered. Now, everyone is sleeping, except me. I thought I would make use of this heavenly (and very rare) quiet time to catch up on my blogging. Now I have done just that and I am going to lay down.

the end!


Dondoodle~ <3 said...

Hey love! Sorry I missed your call. I thought I would stop by and get the boating scoop. Love your blog....and loveeessssssss you more! D

Sara said...

Thanks honey!